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Convergence is driven by Wireless Standards 3GPP and 3GPP2. Thes standards are defining the right building blocks for the converged Wireless/Wireline services network.

The networks will have a layered structure with an Application Layer, a Core Network Layer, an Access Network Layer ans a Multi-function Terminal layer.

Having one converged network for all access types is a significant benefit of the layered architecture.

Operators can increase network efficiency using optimized transport and coding solutions and will not need the over-capacity required when the networks are separated. Significant cost savings can arise from having one network with fewer nodes and lower operating costs. From an investment perspective, it is possible to optimize the use of control and media processing resources, hence reducing the need to replace technologies and the cost of network updates.

Transparent Mobility across Wireline and Wireless

  • Leverage Proliferation of intelligent edge Devices.
  • Etablish new business relationships 
  • Enhance service & access infrastructure.
  • Build out QoS-enabled ultra-broadband network
  • Evolve to 3GPP IMS service architecture
  • Standard 

Wireless & Wireline Convergence

General NGN Architecture



Evolve to 3GPP IMS Service Architecture




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