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Consultant's Team.

Albert Innou, President and senior consultant, manages a team of experienced consultants. Each one is a specialist in it's own field:

Voice Network – Data Network - IP – Integrated Networks - VoIP - MPLS Telephone equipment and software - (PBX) – Traditional TDM - VoIP or Hybrid.

Local Access - Wired - Long Distance - Dedicated - Analogs - Digital - VoIP - Wireless GSM - GPRS/EDGE - UMTS - IMS - Wimax.

Voice messaging – Automated Operator – Voice Recognition – Integrated Voice Response (IVR) – Unified Messaging – Exchange .

Call Centers - Automatic Call Distributors (ACD) – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Computer Telephone Integration (CTI )

Teleworkers – Videoconferences  - Web conference - Business Continuity.

AIRD Telecom Inc., delivers value across four key dimension of the customer experience:

Provide a single point of contact for integrated, end-to-end solutions.

Accelerate time-to-revenue and profitable customer relationships by enabling new applications. 

Reduce Operating costs through managed services, outsourcing, and engineering. 

Ensure quality and reliability for deployment and maintenance of multiple technologies.

The Project's Team is based on the specific Customers needs and objectives.

Our consultants provide different services such as: 

  • Needs analysis;
  • Integrated Technical Audit;
  • Evolution plans;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Business case & Business Plans
  • Request for proposals (RFP) & Request for Quotations (RFQ);
  • Bids analysis;
  • Contract negotiations;
  • technology feasibility study;
  • VoIP feasibility study;
  • Implementation, coordination;
  • Project management;
  • Engineering;
  • Telecom management; and
  • Network Operations

State of the Art Communication services

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